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The SCA Lech Board (from left to right): Bernd Fischer, Walter Langenfelder, Patrick Ortlieb, Michael Schwärzler, Daniel Huber, Melanie Huber, Stefan Jochum (Chairman), Mag. Tina Schneider
Into the future with great momentum – The SCA Lech youth

The Skiclub Arlberg

Who doesn't know the Skiclub Arlberg logo? Since 1901 it has been a synonym for alpine skiing. Ever since that remarkable 3rd of January, much has been achieved in the world of skiing. It has now developed into a popular sport and has become an important part of life for many people. The SCA has always set new milestones during this period. Whether it is Hannes Schneider with his "invention" of the Arlberg Technique, the many world and Olympic champions, or the more than 7,000 members from 54 nations of this earth, everyone has his place in the SCA and his importance in this special community.

Skiclub Arlberg – Lech Local Group
The SCA Lech is organised as an independent local group of the Skiclub Arlberg. With its own team of trainers, the SCA Lech looks after the skiing youth of Lech and Zürs, organises training courses and holds races and, with the help of countless volunteers, maintains a racing course on the White Ring that is as perfect as possible.

But the SCA Lech is also the contact point for the members of the Skiclub Arlberg. It has its own SCA shop in the Raiffeisenbank in Lech and offers a comprehensive range of SCA goods.