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Membership of the oldest ski club in the world is a great honour. Only SCA members may wear the classic club outfit.

Admission to the Skiclub Arlberg

In order to be admitted into the Skiclub Arlberg, some requirements need to be fulfilled. The person concerned must have been a guest in Arlberg for at least 3 to 5 years. In addition, the person should love and enjoy skiing. The two guarantors are an essential point. If someone wishes to be admitted as a member of the SCA, he or she should find two guarantors, themselves members of the SCA, who will then propose that the SCA accepts the person concerned as a member. Admission takes place at the relevant regulars' table. The dates can be found on the information channel.

Admission package and fees

Every new adult member receives the following documentation upon admission:

- Ski Club Arlberg book "A Report of the Century"
- The first 6 years of the SCA by Ing. Rudolf Gompertz
- A SCA card for programming the ski pass
- A copy of the current annual report
- Both a large and a small SCA sticker
- 1 small + large SCA badge
- The Arlberg sweater in the desired size

The joining fee is 70 euros. The membership fee is 35 euros per year and the Arlberg sweater costs 85 euros. The total joining fee is therefore 190 euros.

The joining fee for children (up to 18 years-old) is 24 euros. The membership fee is 15 euros and the Arlberg sweater for children is 45 euros. The joining fee for children is therefore 85 euros. Upon admission, every child receives:

- 1 SCA youth badge
- 1 large SCA badge
- 2 stickers
- A copy of the current annual report
- 1 SCA card
- 1 SCA Arli-bear